Florida Nail Pitting

 Florida Nail Pitting, the number of pits and the type of pitting may occasionally be suggestive of the associated disease. It has been proposed that having less than 20 nail pits is nonspecific and can be present in non psoriatic conditions, whereas 20 to 60 pits is suggestive of psoriasis and greater than 60 pits is unlikely to be found in the absence of psoriasis.

 Irregular pits and deeper pits are often seen with psoriasis. In contrast, fine geometric pitting (longitudinal or transverse lines) is more characteristic of alopeciaareata, and coarse pitting may indicate eczematous dermatitis. Rarely, uniform pitting over the entire nail plate can be a developmental anomaly.

The evaluation of nail pitting should include a thorough history and physical exam ination. assessing for concomitant psoriatic skin lesions, joint symptoms, atrophy, hair loss, and additional nail changes suggestive of an inflammatory dermatitis.


Nail Psoriasis: From A to Z

edited by Dimitris Rigopoulos, Antonella Tosti

Soon this list with dermatology clinics in Florida that handle Nail Pitting

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